Traditional Essays

"White Masculinity and Digital Political Discourse: Memes, Bernie Bros and the 2016 Democratic Primary" 

This essay examines the prevalence of sexist discourse in the Facebook group Bernie Sanders' Dank Meme Stash.

"Bernie Sanders' Dank Memes: New Media's Potential for Grassroots Activism." 

This essay assesses memes as meaningful political participation, using the Facebook group Bernie Sanders' Dank Meme Stash as a case study.

"Overcoming the Spatial Constraints of Flipping the Classroom at Eastern Kentucky University." 

This essay, which was completed to satisfy the Mentored Scholarly Project requirement for my MA in English, examines the suitability of both traditional classroom environments and enhanced Studio environments at EKU for implementing a new teaching style called "flipping the classroom."

Multimodal Essays

"Activist Rhetoric: What are Protest Signs Really Saying?" 

This essay, in the form of a self-coded website, provides theory and examples of activist rhetoric and is connected to a MySQL database to provide functionality related to photo uploads, captions, etc. 

"Creativity and Composition: Multiliteracies in Education." 

This essay, in the form of a Flash project, argues the importance of multimodal learning design and assessment in inspiring the creativity of both instructors and students of composition.

"Revitalizing the Canon of Memory in the Composition Classroom." 

This essay, in the form of a website, presents evidence that the canon of memory, often overlooked in the digital age, still has an important position in the composition classroom.

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